My Life Story Outline

Hi I am Brittany. I am 23 years old. I grew up in Detroit, MI with a very religious family and a very abusive mom. I was pushed into a marriage and lived in Kentucky. Then I made my great escape from the life I knew of devout religious beliefs and family, that only loved me on the condition of what I believed, to a very dry and bright Arizona.

My life stories can be summed up into a couple of topics

  1. Abusive Mom
  2. Forced Marriage
  3. Religion Shunning
  4. My New life

Its been a very tough journey of tears and heart ache. But I am privileged to have been able to experience all that I already have. This blog is going to be remnants of adventures from my past and future.


One thought on “My Life Story Outline”

  1. Awesome Brit! Can’t wait to read more! You are so brave, courageous, loving and hilarious! I love you! You deserve the best life has to offer. Go get it girl!!

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