What’s New in Georgia

On February 1st I flew to Georgia to what I thought would be a four day vacation. But when arriving I realized without a doubt I was going to be quitting my job when returning home.  So I extended my trip till the 25th and quit my job. I’m having a blast rekindling family ties and going on mini adventures.

I’m sitting in Slates Jewelers, its my aunt’s jewelry store. (she will get mad if I don’t mention it) Anyways I’m sitting here and I’m enjoying the beautiful fresh air coming through the opened door and listening to some home TV show, you know the annoying show where the woman acts like, uhm like everything is like, uhm like, the end of the like freaking world and the guy is just at her every becking call. (I realize it’s beckon not becking.. sigh….)

A customer walked in to the store and my aunt got excited. Mind you, anytime a customer comes in, or the safe opens the alarm dings and her head shoots up from her desk as if there was a life threatening event occurring. The man comes in for his repair and he starts looking at a gold ring. My aunt throws around sale pitches to him and he seems interested she tells him that the gold ring is selling for $1699.. but she says $16.99  he literally thinks its 16 dollars and 99 cents. He goes for it. She gets super excited and begins the paper work thinking that he completely understands that its One thousand six hundred and ninety nine dollars. When she finishes the paperwork and begins the transaction he realize what she said. That moment was so funny to me because of how excited she got and then the disappointment that followed. Maybe that makes me an evil person who knows. But thats been most of my time here thus far… meaningful conversations and pure laughter.

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