Taking Risks

The world is made up of people who either do what they want or people that can’t decide on what they want or are too afraid to take a risk on something. 

Never let the fear of playing the game prevent you from playing the game.       -Quoted by someone with a weird name

When I was 15yrs old I had grown so tired of my life. I felt trapped and afraid. I didn’t fully understand that what I was enduring was abuse, I just knew in my soul that I would not be okay; that my future wasn’t going to happen. I felt that I couldn’t deal with the troubles of my mother. I felt so selfish and afraid of wanting to leave.
In a moment I closed my eyes and made a choice. I chose to speak up about what my mother did to me and within days of that choice…my world was turned upside down. 

Sometimes decisions we make aren’t the easiest and they can hurt really bad but there is something great that can come from risk. 

My world fell apart. It’s like crap hit the fan and than smeared everywhere. My family closed the walls in around me trying to shield me from any further harm. In that process they didn’t give me air, they didn’t support me truly. This resulted in the deepest loneliness. I broke from that which caused my world to go up into flames once again. This after I cleaned the smeared crap off. I did a deeper cleaning to ensure that I would never again lose the voice I had found at 15yrs old. 

Now I’m living the most best world ever! It’s not my mom’s world, my dad’s world or some religious world… it’s my own world. Risks are worth the pain and fears. Life is an adventure and a privilege… if we go our whole lives not risking something or not learning to face our fears than that’s the biggest risk of all… because we’re not really living. 

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