Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is very hard for me and those out there who for whatever the reason do not have the privilege of having a mother.

So below is what I have to say to those of us with a mom that is toxic.

To whom ever doesn’t have a mom,

Mother’s Day is indeed very hard. We are reminded of the laughter we should have. We are reminded of the childhood we did not have the privilege of having. 

We remember instead the pain we endured at the hands of our very own mother. We are reminded of the gross disregard that our own mother’s had for such a deep and meaningful responsibility. We remember instead the times that our childhood withered away as our mother’s made us grow up instantly having to take on tasks that we had no business taking on at the age we were at. We are reminded of the times that we had to literally become our own mother’s. 

So here’s to us. Those of us out there who are motherless. We are here today without our mother’s. Keep your head up. We did it. We were better than what our mother’s could have ever began to dream we could be. We are stronger than they could ever be. We are bigger than the situation we were faced with. 

Know and believe that you are amazing. That despite what bad decisions you have made or where you are right now. You got there because you were more than what your mom had to offer. Pat yourself on your back and remind yourself of what you did to survive despite the toxicity of your mother. 

Smile and remind yourself that this day should be the day that reminds you of what you have gained despite not having what we all should have had… a mother. 


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